Meet Alessandro Khojane, owner of popular Italian restaurant Gemelli

Gemelli is the new Italian restaurant in Bryanston that everybody is talking about.

Raised in Italy with a passion for wholesome food, Khojane’s restaurant feels like home. The furnishings are bright and modern, with a New York loft appeal.

The food, while modern and playful, still has solid, classically definitive flavour pairings that are light at heart in concept yet poignant and sincere in its delivery. The restaurant is modest in its approach, but aims to deliver high on food expectation – and it does.

Gemelli, which means “twins” in Italian, is all about family. Khojane says growing up as a diplomat’s son in Italy meant his family always had lots of people at their home. A consummate host, he’s familiar with most of the patrons who visit his establishment.

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