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The biggest thing lacking in the restaurant industry is intimacy between the restaurateur and the patron. There is often a sense that one should arrive, eat, pay the bill and leave. It is as if there is a wall built between those serving the food and those receiving it. This division is completely broken down at the Italian restaurant, Gemelli in Bryanston.

Don’t expect to see pizza on their menu. Though the restaurant’s heart lies in homely, hearty Italian cuisine, co-owner and head chef, Paulo Santo has made a point of experimenting with different influences and cultures in the kitchen. A perfect example of that would be Paulo’s Asian Duck Salad which consists of smoked duck, chilli condiment, baby spinach, pickled fennel, pineapple Salsa, soy fluid, radish and candied Macadamia nuts. This dish should be paired with a Creation Pinot Noir 2014. A recommendation I whole-heartily applaud.

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