Linefish & Prawns

Sustainable Linefish. Grilled Prawns. Peri Peri Potatoes. Coleslaw. Pea Cream


Gemelli Chicken

Pancetta Wrapped Chicken Breast. Olive & Red Pepper Stuffing. Roasted Garlic Mash. Squash Mousse. Sauteed Vegetables. Mustard jus. White Wine Sauce


Gemelli’s Spicy Half Chicken

Sous Vide & Charred. Our Peri Peri Sauce. Polenta Fritti. Rustic Tomato Sheba. Sweetcorn Salsa


Karoo Ostrich Loin  (N)

Warm Spelt, Sweet Potato & Cauliflower Salad. Umeboshi. Parsnip Cream Brussel Sprouts. Dukkah. Ponzu jus

R 275

Weekly Meat Special

Allow 35 minutes for preparation
Available from Friday to Sunday. Enquire With The Gemelli Team


Agnello Lamb Rump

Rump. Porcini Risotto. Kale. Chermoula. Harissa Creme Fraiche Pickled Onion. Mustard Jus


Fillet de Manzo /Beef Fillet

Potato & Garlic Puree. Aged Parmesan Crema. Wild Rocket Salad. Balsamic. Parmigiano Reggiano Wafer. Mustard Seed Jus

R 290

Norwegian Salmon

Gnocchi. Chorizo Ragu. Braised Fennel. Pancetta & Chive Creme Fraiche

R 350

Glazed Pork Belly (N)

12 Hour Braise. Soy & Honey Glaze. Potato Puree. Caramelized Shallots. Turnips Sesame Mayo. Beurre Blanc. Toasted Peanuts


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